12 Steps to Safety

Across our properties in Threlkeld we are committed to delivering a clean and safe environment. We have created 12 Steps to Safety with safety and hygiene procedures to ensure our premises are safe and clean as possible. New cleaning and sanitising procedures, including the use of ozone generators and increased attention to the cleaning of public areas, protective equipment, and updated training for all the staff are included in the new steps.

These steps describe the specific tings we are doing and we hope they make you feel comfortable that we are doing everything to keep you safe whilst enjoying our hospitality

1. Social Distancing

To promote social distancing, we have implemented measures like reducing the number of tables, one-way system and signs promoting social distancing throughout our premises.

2. Increase Attention to Cleaning & Disinfecting

We have scheduled frequent cleaning and sanitising throughout our premises, emphasising on high touch point areas.

3. Hand Sanitising Stations

We have invested in sanitising stations in all areas of the premises so please feel free to make use of this during your visit.

4. Protective Screens

We have installed protective screen at our reception and bar in close contact areas.

5. Welcome Pack

We are providing clean and disinfected keys at the check in together with a welcome letter filled with useful information to reduce time at the reception.

6. Methods of Payment

We are encouraging using contactless or card payment whenever is possible however we will except cash as well. In the very near future we will introduce ordering and paying via our mobile app for our outside areas.

7. Bedroom Cleaning

Prior to arrival of our guest all our bedrooms are deep clean including use of ozone generating machine to ensure health and safety. Our housekeeping team will seal room doors with a sticker in preparation for your arrival.

8. Linens

All the linen we are using is washed in a high temperature for optimal disinfection.

9. Restaurant & Bar

We have reduced number of tables to maximise the space around diners and help to maintain social distancing, we will provide table service in our restaurant including our breakfast service, no breakfast buffet and regular cleaning and sanitising.

10. Food Safty

We are adhering to the strict health and safety procedures which serving all food and beverages.

11. Team Training

Every member of our team is adequately trained regarding the newly developed policies and procedures with extensive hygiene and prevention programme.

12. Team Safety

We are administrating temperature checks for all members of our team. We are also providing team members with personal protective equipment.

Other Covid-19 Information

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