Our Covid-19 Statement and Policy

Stone Harrison Ltd which trades as the Horse and Farrier and the Salutation Inn Threlkeld has always put the safety of its Customers and its Staff First and foremost in its thinking. With regards to Covid19 the Owners, Management and Employees will always make every effort to take the necessary steps to reduce the risks from Covid19 for our Customers, Staff and people visiting our site.

To achieve this a Risk Assessment has been completed that both identifies the possible risks then develops the controls needed to reduce that risk. All of this has been done with the benefit of the Government Guidance and wherever possible we have tried to exceed the requirements of that guidance to ensure everyone’s safety.

As a result of this Risk Assessment we have invested in various types of equipment and implemented several procedures into our sites. The aim is to reduce the risk of infection and demonstrate to Customers, to our Staff and to those who visit our sites that we offer an environment that is safe.

These include:

  • Investment in signage, screens, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) sanitising stations and outside shelters.
  • Maintaining Social Distancing of our employees at work by carefully reorganising the logistics of their workstations.
  • Maintaining Social Distancing between our customers and our customers and staff by removing furniture internally, managing the flow of people by a one-way system with staff to advise and direct.
  • Investment in outside areas with planned online ordering and the disposable food containers.
  • Implementing procedures where social distancing is difficult by ensuring the appropriate control measures are in place to avoid crowding.
  • Ensuring that appropriate and adequate PPE is always available to staff.
  • Ensuring cleaning and sanitising is carried out on a regular basis including the appropriate use of Ozone generating machines.
  • Investment in new kitchen equipment to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.
  • Cooperating with the NHS Track and Trace to protect the wider community.
  • Keeping our customers and Staff takes priority over immediate profit as continuing to trade safely is critical to the business and the maintenance of the service to the community.

In advance of opening we developed a Covid19 management group who literally Zoomed into action that team will continue to review the guidance as it changes to re-assess the risk from experience of trading implement change as required.

Other Covid-19 Information